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Metaps Entertainment provides marketing services in mainland China and other regions. In areas outside of mainland China, Metaps Entertainment provides game localization, marketing planning and diversified offline and brand marketing services; in mainland China, Metaps Entertainment provides Chinese and overseas game developers and distributors with promotion services that cover the whole life-cycle of a game, from localization and online ads to offline marketing and brand marketing.

Our services cover all online and offline ads resources in mainland China. We cooperate with major live stream and DSP platforms,
and successfully developed self-own game entertainment show “Panda Talk Show”.

Initial Stage

IP authorization; celebrity endorsements;
music composition; renowned voice actors and actresses collaboration;
Character illustrations (2D and 3D); PV production.

Online Ads

Pre- registration and promotion through game media
Advertorials of game introduction and tips
Objective: to acquire core users in early phase

iOS rank Boost;
App Store ASO;Key word Optimization;
App Store top search list
Objective: to acquire core users in early phase

CPD(Android) SNS&SEM
Objective: to acquire major users

Offline And Brand Marketing

Game influencer, video ads, outdoor ads, brand marketing, video shooting
Objective: to acquire a wide range of users